About me


My name is Lukáš Prelovský.

I am 32 years old.

I come from Dubnica nad Váhom [Slovakia] . I live and I work in Mostar [Bosnia and Herzegovina].

Since 13 years old I study computers  focusing on the Internet .

My business:
NadupanýWeb.sk/cz Web services
PomocNaDiaľku.skIT Remote Support Assistance
PCservis.sk | PC-Servis.sk Computer Service

Non-profit activities  WooCommerce Komunita SK + CZ (More than 3700+ members)

My hobbies: Travel (23+ 🌎 Countries) , Photography , Books  , Music , Bike , Survival Fan

CV / Resume LinkedIn

Development GitHub , WordPress.Org

Countries I’ve Visited (23)

Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,  Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Mallorca, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria , Ukraine, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Italy, Vatican, Spain, Portugal and my next trip Moldova, Republika Srpska, Malta…

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