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My name is Lukáš Prelovský.

I am 25 26 27 years old.

I come from Dubnica nad Váhom [Slovakia] . I live and  I work in Trnava.

I have worked in three major automotive companies (one Czech and two Slovak) in the  quality control department.

Since 13 years old I study computers  focusing on the Internet .

From my 18 to 24 years I was accused of paragraph §247 data corruption on the information carrier. I won my case in court and proved my innocence.

My business: NadupanýWeb.sk/cz Web services  , PomocNaDiaľku.sk IT Remote Support Assistance 

Non-profit activities  WooCommerce Komunita SK + CZ (More than 1440+ members)

My hobbies: Travel ,  Photography , Books  ,   Music

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Development GitHub , WordPress.Org

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